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At LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB, we deeply desire to support feminine freedom, by giving life to a wardrobe that transcends a simple item of clothing. It is a universe where women reveal themselves, flourish, inspire each other, and encourage each other to shine. We believe in the strength and desirability of every woman, which is why we create capsules that reflect this conviction, that of authentic beauty. We love the way women make choices and take responsibility for them. The way they live their lives, fully, boldly. May they be multiple, depending on the place and time of day. We believe in female solidarity, in the importance of supporting each other in our respective journeys. Our brand celebrates women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, and encourages everyone to embrace their natural beauty. A positive and contagious attitude that is reflected in each of our collections. Thank you for being here, because it is with you that we write the craziest and most beautiful adventures! “LET’S BE GUARDIANS OF A VISION THAT HONORS DIVERSITY AND INDIVIDUALITY. LET’S TELL A UNIQUE STORY, INVITEING WOMEN TO EMBRACE THEIR OWN STYLE AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL, DESIRABLE AND STRONG. »

Join the gang

Together, let's celebrate our individuality and the power to assert ourselves fully.

Merci pour ton envoi !

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