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Mathilde & Constance

Welcome to LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB where Mathilde and Constance, two sisters on the move and passionate about fashion, invite you to dive into their creative world. Together, we left our respective careers to bring our dream to life: creating our own brand. What we offer you today is truly what we know how to do best, and we firmly believe that tomorrow will be better. We do not follow rules or standards, but prefer to deviate, to go outside the box. Shake up the established order of the wardrobe, to offer you a wardrobe of offbeat essentials. Our brand goes beyond a simple clothing line. She embodies our shared love for fashion, our family heritage & our desire to communicate with others. It’s a way of being, a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world. We believe in the power of community and make it a point of honor to create a universe where it is possible to come together to celebrate our uniqueness. FULL US

Mathilde & Washed Black T-Shirt

Mathilde, alias Tidou,
twin for 34 years.

I love la dolce vita & pizzas, but above all a great passion for life
in all its facets.

Project manager since
10 years


Founder & LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB project manager.

Constance & White T-shirt

Constance, says Puce, 37 years old.

I love life at 10,000 miles an hour, but my real leitmotif: to make those around me happy and to sing at the top of my lungs with my 2 Teens of Love. 

Stylist for 18 years


Founder & Stylist

Porcelain maker.


At LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB, we are delighted to present a unique collaboration that will bring a touch of warmth and elegance to your daily life. For this first capsule, we had the honor of partnering with Sophie Masson, a talented porcelain maker, to add a very special dimension to our lifestyle universe. The result of this collaboration is simply captivating: personalized coffee mugs that embody the essence of unity and coming together. FULL COLLAB

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 20.19_edit

The Alliance of Fashion and Tableware.

Our cups embody a fusion between the world of fashion and the art of the table, a Lifestyle collection in continuity with the wardrobe

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-23 at 20.18.57.jpeg

Our vision goes beyond the simple creation of clothing. We seek to unite and bring people together through our creations, and this exclusive collaboration reflects that commitment.


Our series, LES BONNES SEURS X Sophie Masson, is an invitation to slow down, savor and share the present moment with those who are dear to us.


Thanks to Sophie Masson, because each of her creations is a work of art, crafted with attention to detail and a love for porcelain that is palpable.

A FAMILY casting

This artistic duo, as harmonious on set as in life, works in perfect harmony, sharing a common vision to bring our AW 2023-24 campaign to life.


When creativity merges with talent, the result can only be remarkable. 
A BIG THANK YOU to both.

Salome Pilot
tanguy kato

It is behind the lens that we find photographer Salomé Pilot, skillfully merging the world of fashion and portraiture, and capturing the moment with remarkable freshness and spontaneity.

On camera, Tanguy Koutouan, a regular on film shoots, films his subjects with passion and professionalism, thus preserving the very essence of the brand.
Each sequence transforms into a visual symphony, 

preserving the authenticity and energy that emanate from the collection.

Join the gang

Together, let's celebrate our individuality and the power to assert ourselves fully.

Merci pour ton envoi !

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