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White T-shirt & Faded black T-shirt


We aspire for everyone who identifies with us to feel understood, heard and valued. These are the values of BONNES SOEURS CLUB. We are a French brand, committed and daring, influenced by the spirit of streetwear, casual and rock. It is by playing with associations, materials and details that we create unique looks.  Our mission is to rethink the basics of the daily wardrobe by offering pieces in singular, unique colors and assertive prints. Quality essentials to accompany you every moment of the day. Our pieces can be grabbed, put on, worn & kept. A subtle brand where everyone embraces their own style according to their inspiration. We created LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB to inspire you, help you reveal your uniqueness and bring confidence and audacity. FULL KISS



We are driven by the desire to do well, by imagining collections that are more respectful of the environment, by working with partners who share our values and by communicating with you transparently about what we create. At LES BONNES SOEURS CLUB, our vision of fashion is based on principles of ethics and respect for the environment. This is why we attach great importance to the careful design of our brand, favoring European and local suppliers in order to support the local economy while reducing our carbon footprint. We develop mini, exclusive & minimalist capsules by creating timeless ones in order to minimize waste. In response to slow fashion, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint. But our commitment is not limited to fashion. We firmly believe in the importance of education and professional integration of students. This is why we work closely with schools to offer opportunities for young talented people to learn the sewing profession. In addition, we are proud of our initiative to reuse fabric scraps, following the principle “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. We thus give new life to these materials by integrating them into new creations. Finally, we are continuing our CSR commitment by adopting recycled plastic packaging and favoring responsible delivery partners, thus strengthening our contribution to a more sustainable future. GOD SAVES THE WORLD. THE GOOD SISTERS TOO.

Join the gang

Together, let's celebrate our individuality and the power to assert ourselves fully.

Merci pour ton envoi !

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